Best Practices: COVID-19 Protocol

  • All employees and guests must practice social distancing and be 6 feet apart at all times. If a guest comes too close to the desk kindly ask them to remain 6 feet away as we are following all CDC guidelines.

  • No employee should report to their shift if they are experiencing any COVID19 symptoms or have knowingly been exposed to the virus.  We will go on the honor system for the time being, but managers have the right to require a temperature check at their own discretion.

  • All employees will be required to wear a mask during their shift and at any time on the property.

  • All staff must wash and sanitize their hands once an hour while on shift.

  • All hard surfaces must be wiped down several times per shift.  This includes chairs, equipment, desk phone etc.

  • YCC will not handle credit cards for gift purchases, the guest will need to put their card into the reader themselves.  If they are not able to complete the transaction YCC staff has the right to decline service and ask the guest to come back another time.

  • YCC staff will not accept or handle lost and found items until further notice.